Mike Calhoon MJC Classic Cars – Mike's History

Mike Calhoon MJC Classic CarsSince graduating with an honors degree in Accounting from the University of South Florida – Tampa in 1977, I have always been involved with small, entrepreneurial businesses. Before starting MJC Classic Cars, I spent the prior 30 years helping small businesses in Central Florida to grow into large businesses, eventually providing exit strategies for their founders. This has given me the opportunity to experience many facets of small businesses. I’ve found that although accounting is my education, marketing and sales are my passion.

For the past twelve years, I have been pursuing my love of collector cars. My first love are the luxury cars from the 60’s and 70’s; the same cars my Dad drove as I was growing up. I admired these cars each year, as my Dad searched out his annual new car purchase. This was in the “old” days, when car dealerships papered their windows and couldn’t allow a peek at the new models before the factory set date.

My Dad always wanted to buy luxury cars; Cadillacs, Lincolns, Buicks, and my true love, Oldsmobiles. But with four kids, my three brothers and me, most years he settled on a station wagon. Each year, as the oldest, I got to go car shopping with him. We would drive each car and carefully negotiate the dealership’s best price. When it was time for me to learn to drive, I learned on the family’s 1971 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon. I would have loved to have learned on the newest Eldorado Coupe, but I guess the wagon was more practical with four kids!

I spent two years intensively studying the classic car market before I bought my first classic car. Since then, I have been buying and reselling pristine, original, low mileage cars. We have expanded over the last eight years to include selling quality consignment cars alongside our owned cars. With each car I buy and resell, a little more of my childhood years come to life. I only deal in the nicest cars, ones that leave my ownership repaired and ready for the next owner to turn the key and enjoy. We usually have eighty to ninety cars ready to sell and many more instock, progressing through the refresh process. Visit our Showroom page and check out what we currently have ready for sale.

Whether you buy an owned car or a consigned car, my cars are repaired and ready to enjoy on arrival.

I have been married for over forty years to my lovely wife Joy and we have four wonderful children. We live in Lakeland, Florida with our youngest son, Kacey recently heading off to college. In 2007, I bought my first classic car, a 1961 Olds Starfire Convertible, on Kacey's 8th birthday. Now off to college, Kacey loves cars as I do; anything from classics to exotics. This allowed me to pass my love of cars onto my son, just as my Dad did with me.

Since dedicating my full-time efforts in August 2009, my car sales and services have blossomed. Besides office and sales staff, our shop team now includes a first class restoration staff of fifteen that only work on our cars, no outside customer repairs. We feel we have the largest in-house classic repair facility in our business dedicated to repairing only our own cars...

As an expanding team, we are here to make your experience memorable.

I would be honored to sell you one of my cars or help you find the car of your dreams. You will never have to worry about a car you purchase through my services. I will not sell a car that I would not like to own myself.

Philosophy of the Cars We Sell

We specialize in luxury and muscle cars. Buick, Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercury, and Oldsmobiles and other luxury brands are our area of expertise. Our consignment selection has expanded to include all aspects of the collector car market including muscle cars, hot rods and exotics. We can also locate other specialty cars as your taste dictates.

We specialize in pristine, original cars with low mileage or cars restored to original condition. There are lots of high mileage cars out there with needs, but we feel there are few original condition cars with low mileage and these are the cars that hold the best value. We believe in the old adage, "it is only original once".

We believe that original cars or cars fully restored, in the end, cost far less than having a car restored. If you want to buy a collector vehicle, wait until you find the right car, one without serious needs. Rarely does commissioning a high-dollar, out-of-pocket restoration pay for itself. Buying a car completed saves you money and it is ready to enjoy on arrival.

We believe that cars should be refreshed to their original condition, which means factory original fixtures and materials. Through our in-house staff and partner services in Lakeland, Florida, we have a team of qualified repair professionals that specialize in classic cars. Whether a car needs paint, upholstery, mechanicals, or vintage parts location, our team can make a classic car run and look like it came from the factory, and they can do it economically.

We feel that quality classics cars are a great investment, especially if they are in pristine condition. Collector cars are historically ahead of the inflation curve and will allow you solid, protected investments, if given proper care and needed service.

We purchase cars you can drive, show and love. While under our care, we drive our cars. This helps us to ensure the cars are in excellent driving condition and there won’t be any surprises when you receive the car.