MJC Classic Cars – Our Storage Facilities

We have been very Blessed to be able to expand our larger warehouse near our dealership so all of our vehicles have continuous indoor storage.

We will not leave a car outside overnight and all our facilities have monitored security systems with direct police contact. We have 65,000 square feet of clean warehouse space to store our cars for sale, after they are sold, and we also offer storage of your classics for very reasonable monthly fees.

With our showroom, shop and our former dealership location used to store cars awaiting rehab, we now have over 87,000 square feet of operating facilities to take care of our vehicles and yours.

If you consign with us to sell your vehicle, they will be safely stored indoors until sold and shipped.

If you are interested in learning more about storing your vehicle, please email us for more information...

Below are pictures of expanded storage warehouse for your review...