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Let us help find the car of your dreams.  We have been very successful locating excellent, low mileage, original cars that fit our clients’ specifications. The pictures on this page show a few of the cars we have already located for clients and we can find a pristine classic for you, too. Let us know your car(s) of interest, your budget, and we will usually be able to locate several very nice vehicles within a couple of weeks, sometimes as soon as a few days. You won’t pay anything up front for our assistance and we’ll only send you information on pristine vehicles. No rust buckets or project cars.

You will pay the actual cost of the car from the seller.  We will send you information and pictures of cars via email that seem to fit your wants and budget. We will obtain all the needed information from the seller and communicate it to you. We’re experienced with international buyers who need a liaison in the U.S. to make sure their purchase meets their standards to prevent surprises upon delivery. You’ll always make the decision on which cars you want us to pursue on your behalf and we will work to negotiate the best price from the seller. We charge a fee for each car located and then purchased, only payable if the vehicle is actually purchased.

Inspections help with vehicle assessment.  When you have chosen a vehicle you like and you have agreed upon a price with the seller, we can request that the seller places a “hold” on the car until an independent inspection can be completed. Most times, a hold can be placed on a car without a deposit to the seller. We use the inspection service at to coordinate the inspection for the actual cost of $295. contracts independent inspectors to visit the seller, review the car, document the condition in a written report, and take plenty of digital photos. MJC has formed direct relationship with one of the management personnel members to make sure you receive preferential treatment. Usually within a few days after the inspection, we will receive a comprehensive report on the car, including lots of photos, and forward it to you via email. These reports have helped us confirm that a car is an excellent car, but also have kept us from buying several misrepresentations. The peace of mind is well worth the fee.

Repair services are easy and affordable.  Just as we would refresh one of our own MJC Classic vehicles, we can refresh any vehicle we locate for you. Typically our locator clients ask us to freight their cars to Lakeland, Florida and complete needed repairs. Our team can tackle any problem economically and with your budget in mind. For International customers, this process will assure you cost savings without the high costs of handling repairs in your country. We work quickly, knowing fast shipment is very important to you. MJC handles all storage and local shuttling to various contractors for a small markup fee based on repair costs. Parts location is also part of our service, allowing our service contractors to focus on their talents and not spend time looking for parts, reducing what they charge you for their services. We can handle anything from paint, upholstery, mechanical repairs, and parts location. Call or email us for details.

Parts and manuals locator service available.  For clients that purchase cars from us, we can usually find any part you need. Our International clients find this service very helpful. We charge a small fee, based on the cost of the part, and ship it to you quickly. If it’s a brochure, manual, or that part you need to complete your restoration, we can help locate it for you.

Shipping services easily coordinated.  Over the last eight years, we have forged great relationships with trucking services here in the U.S. and with exporters to your country. We never mark-up the cost of shipping, so you receive our volume purchase price along with respectful, great service from our providers. We trust our providers will offer services you’ll be satisfied with at reasonable prices.

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