Inspection & Transportation

Let inspect your car before you purchase...  For $295, will send an independent inspector to review your vehicle under consideration for purchase. They will complete a comprehensive report with pictures and email it to you within a few days. MJC will order and coordinate the inspection at no markup charge to you. Pay only the inspection fee. Please click their link for more information.


Let Sancrest Specialized Transport move your car domestically... I use Sancrest to transport all my vehicles from all over the country to Lakeland, Florida and most of my USA clients also choose to use them. They have hauled over a thousand cars for my clients and MJC Classic Cars. Very reliable and fully insured, you can just call Phil at (417) 744-2100 for a quote and mention our name; or we will be glad to call them on your behalf. Please click the “Sancrest Specialized Transport” link for more information.


Let Oceania Shipping handle your export needs...  This reliable company handles all my exporting and I would highly recommend them for shipment out of the United States. You can call Susan Howard at (908) 436-1327 for a quote or we can handle a quote on your behalf. Please click the “Oceania Shipping” link for more information.