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Classic Facts

12,000 original miles... Red, white, & blue upon restoration in 2010 with Blue and Gray interior... Very nice restored condition...

Just arrived, this very rare car has continued to stop traffic. It is one of only 366 built and it #189.

There were about 366 of these things made between 1982 and 1990 in Scranton, Iowa and in Owosso, Michigan. The original design was by Jim Bede who also designed the Bede line of airplanes. The first 40 were called Litestars. For business reasons, the name of this vehiclewas then changed from Litestar to Pulse. About 325 vehicles were manufactured under the Pulsename. The Litestar/Pulse Registry has located about 100 of them by 2005.

A Pulse is a motorcycle. It rides on 2 main automotive type wheels and tires. It has a small 8-inch outrigger wheel on each side, so it actually has 4 wheels. Because it only has one of these outriggers in contact with the road at any time, it is classified in most states as a 3-wheel motorcycle. Its a fairly large vehicle with a 120-inch wheelbase and an overall length of 192 inches and weighs about 1,000 lbs. It seats 2 people, one in front of the other and has a small package shelf behind the passenger seat.

It usually has either a 'butterfly' type steering wheel or a round steering wheel like a car, with clutch, brakes and gas pedals on the floor just like a car. It has windshield wipers, signal lights, and almost everything found on a normal car. The brakes and master cylinder are automotive type. The fuel tank is in the rear and holds about 3 gallons.

It has a 6 inch dia. Steel tube as the main frame with a motorcycle engine and transmission in the rear. The front fork is a leading link design somewhat like an old BMW motorcycle. The body is fiberglass with a steel roll bar and plastic canopy. Most windshields are safety glass. A few early Litestars had plastic windshields.

The speedometer and tachometer are from the donor motorcycle. A gas gauge and voltmeter have been added. Most Pulses came with a 400cc air-cooled Yamaha engine with 6 speeds and chain drive. Some came with a water-cooled Honda Goldwing engine with shaft drive. A few early Litestars had a Honda 450cc motorcycle engine. Some owners have removed the original motors and installed other more powerful engines from Suzuki, BMW, Kawasaki or Honda. One owner has installed an electric motor.

Pulse #189 has had been updated with a 800cc Honda engine. It was originally a yellow vehicle and was changed to red, white, & blue upon restoration in 2010.

If you are looking for an interesting vehicle to draw attention, a fantastic parade vehicle or advertising attention getter, this is the vehicle for you...


     • Excellent fiberglass body over a steel cage
    • New repaint in Red, White & Blue
    • Original bucket seat interior and dash
    • Honda 800 cc motorcycle engine
    • Twin outrigger wheels on wings