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1930 Ford Model A

Classic Facts

2,000 restored miles... Still beautiful older repaint in Black, Tan & Gray Blue with contrasting Tan interior almost as restored, in excellent condition... Excellent restored condition...

Just arrived, this restored amazing Model A Ford or may be the nicest older restoration you may ever find. Restored about 35 years ago by Owner #2, the quality of this restoration still shows after this time.

In about 1978, this car was purchased by Massachusetts Owner #2 as a rust free car, stored in a garage since 1938. Originally purchased in 1930 by Massachusetts Owner #2, it provided transportation while he attended medical school. After becoming a doctor and PhD, the car was parked and stayed with Owner #1 for 48 years...

In 1978, Owner #2 had the car rotisserie restored by a high end shop. He paid $8,500 for the paint and body work alone in 1978, an incredible amount in the day. He kept the car for twelve years, driving it about 150 miles. He sold the car to Owner #3 in 1990 and the car remained with him, only driven in a few parades and less than 200 miles in 24 years.

Fast forward to 2014, 24 years later... Owner #2 has Alzheimer's disease and in and effort to make Dad remember good times, he tracked the car down, still with Owner #3. Purchased and brought home, it sadly was not remembered by Owner #2. I was asked to sell the car for the family...

Driven this summer almost 2,000 miles by the son of Owner #2, car is still so very nice and ready to drive anywhere...

Rotisserie restored to original condition about thirty six years ago. We believe this car to by a Murray bodied car with all original drive train.

Still beautiful older repaint in Black, Tan & Gray Blue. Beautiful contrasting original yellow wire wheels. Sheet metal body and fenders are rust free and straight. Contrasting Tan interior almost as restored, in excellent condition. Mint original dash, new door panels and carpet. Excellent restored or original chrome and stainless. Beautiful wire wheels and tires with little wear

Now it will look great in your garage.

The car is equipped with the factory four cylinder engine. Three speed manual transmission. Four wheel manual brakes.


  • 100% laser straight, accident free sheet metal
  • Amazing older tri-color repaint
  • Excellent restored Tan cloth interior & door panels
  • Very nice original chrome and soft trim throughout
  • Original straight four engine
  • Original dash & steering wheel
  • Cool tilt out windshield for ventilation
  • Pristine wire wheels and newer tires